Oak Canyon Community Park feels like several parks in one.  One of the  area favorites is the Splash Pad.  Yes, in the middle of Oak Park there is a Splash Pad.

It is a great place to grab the kids, take some snacks and spend a hot afternoon playing with jumping water.  There are picnic tables nearby, benches and plenty of green grass to have a picnic.  Beating the heat has never been more fun.  Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

The splash pad is open from Memorial Day weekend until the end of September.  The hours are from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. And it is free to use.

The water is on a timer that needs to be activated.  Once activated, the water will cycle through each water feature and then shut off automatically.  Please note that the button that activates the water is on the top of the pedestal, which is located at the edge of the play area.

The park is located at 5600 Hollytree Dr.